Non Fiction

When I write I prefer to write non fiction something based on facts, real events, and real people, such as biographies or history or something based on experiences.  Rather than fiction which is written solely based on imagination.  So naturally when I first read my options for our blog assignments I wasn’t too pleased.  As you can tell from my blog I do not write much fiction, I have only written one fiction piece.

I also feel the same way about reading.  I love to read but only if it is a good book and the right type of book.  Sure there is some fiction that I like, for example the Harry Potter franchise is one of my favorite series; I have loved the books ever since I was a child and still to this day I love the books.  I also like pretty much anything from Stephen King, he is one of my favorite authors.  Some of my favorite work from him includes The Shining, The Mist and Misery.  My favorite type of fiction books to read are fantasy, mystery and horror.  Sure all of those books are entertaining and fun to read, but I feel that when I read fiction, I don’t take much away from it.  I don’t really learn anything from it and that is kind of disappointing.  I want to be able to take something away and learn something.

Non fiction are my favorite type of books to read.  Some of my favorite non fiction books include The Devil In The White City , In Cold Blood, Stiff: The Curious Lives Of Human Cadavers, Helter Skelter and different biographies just to name a few.  I enjoy reading non-fiction because I enjoy hearing about real people, doing real things in real places.  Often times the truth is more compelling than fiction and the truth really is stranger than fiction.  In general I just like to be able to learn something and taking something away and I when I read non fiction I can do that more often then when I read fiction.

Another type of books that I like to read over fiction would be historical fiction.  Historical fiction is usually real and drawn from history, and often contains actual historical characters, but the main characters tend to be fictional or I really like books that seem like they could be true but actually aren’t.  Like I said before I like to be able to read a book and learn something and take something away and with historical fiction I can do that.  I can learn something along with enjoying a good story.

As you can see this blog entry was not based on one of the options you gave us but I thought I would write about why I prefer to write and read non fiction compared to fiction which both blog options you gave us were fiction.



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