The Island

I now pronounce you husband and wife you may now kiss the bride.  As we entered the wedding reception everyone was clapping and cheering for us.  Our reception was suppose to last all night but I was bugging Jeff because I wanted to know where we were going for our honeymoon because he still hadn’t told me; he wanted it to be a surprise and I hate surprises.  As we were dancing Jeff leaned in and whispered into my ear that the limo was here to take us to the airport so we left early.  We finally arrived at the airport still not knowing where we were going we boarded our flight, the doors closed and the flight attendants did there normal speech letting us know where the exits were and how to put on the oxygen masks.  Then the pilot came over the intercom and said that we were departing for our sixteen hour flight to Fiji.  As soon as I heard we were going to Fiji I was so excited.  I turned to Jeff and gave him a big kiss and said I loved him and thank you and that I have always wanted to go there and that he couldn’t have pick a better place for our honeymoon.  As our flight ended we grabbed our bags and stepped off the plane.  Jeff rented a car from the airport and loaded all of our bags.  On our way to our hotel we stopped at a little connivence store to pick up some water, snacks and I needed some sunscreen because I didn’t want to burn.  I also pick up a new swimming suit because I wasn’t told to pack one.  As Jeff and I walked up to the counter to check out there was a man standing in the corner and asked me if I was pregnant.  I thought this was a really weird question because I was but I still wasn’t showing.  But I told him that I wasn’t and asked why he would ask me that, he told me that he could sense it and that I shouldn’t lie and asked me if I have ever heard stories about the island.  The lady at the counter told me not listen to him.  We paid for our stuff and left.  As we got to our hotel we checked in and went up to our room to sleep because we were so tired from our wedding and the long flight.

The next day finally came and we slept almost the entire day away it was already five o’clock in the afternoon.  Since we missed our scuba diving lesson we decided to go to the beach and go swimming for a little bit.  After we went swimming we went for a long walk along the beach and we wandered into the woods.  We came across a cave, as we started to walk into it there was a really creepy man who came out of it.  He told us to leave and as we walked away he grabbing my arm and asked if I was pregnant.  I tried pulling my arm away but he had a really tight grip of it.  Jeff told him to let go, he still didn’t so Jeff had to push him away and Jeff had to even punch him, as the man was laying on the ground we started to walk away but I needed to know why he asked and why he wasn’t the only one.  He told me he asked because he wanted to know why a pregnant woman would come to an island like Fiji.  I told him it was our honeymoon he then said that he hopes nothing bad will happen.  I looked to Jeff and said that I wanted to go home.  He said that the guy was just creepy and that he didn’t know what he was talking about.  We finally got back to the hotel and just in time for our dinner reservations.  I told Jeff that I was going to go up to our hotel room to clean up before dinner.  I went to the room not to clean up but to use the computer that was up there, I tried googling why pregnant woman shouldn’t go to Fiji a lot of stuff came up.  Things having to do with cannibalism of children and torture of pregnant woman.  I started to freak out and crying and started to pack our bags.  Jeff came up to the room to see me freaking out.  I explained to him what I had read and that I was leaving.  Some how he convinced me to stay, telling me that all of that was done a long time ago and that no one does that anymore.  Jeff tried calming me done and held me till I fell asleep.

It was finally the next and we had a full day ahead of us.  Jeff told me that on todays agenda we were going hiking.  He told me that there was a trail that you could follow by ourselves so we wouldn’t have to go with others or a tour guide and that at the end of the trail there was a small camping site so we could go camping; which I’m not a big fan of but I was still looking forward to spending time with him.  We each packed a backpack and left our hotel, making our way to the trail.  At the start of the trail there were workers there to greet us and make sure we had everything we needed.  We had everything apart from a tent and sleeping bags, which we decided to rent.  We started to walk along the twists and turns of the trail.  It took us the whole day to finish it, at the end we found the camping site.  We set up our tent and made a fire, ate our dinner we had packed and we roasted marshmallows.  As we sat by the fire sometime at dusk we saw a man come out from the hidden interiors of the island in the distance.  It was really late so we couldn’t tell exactly what he was doing so we went into our tent and fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning expecting Jeff to be by my side but he wasn’t there.  I got up and went out of the tent looking for him and he wasn’t anywhere to be found I was yelling for him, after a few minutes of yelling his name he came out the woods.  I asked him where he was and he said he took a walk to explore and that he found a water fall that we needed to check out.  We packed all of our stuff up and went to find the waterfall.  We finally came up to it, Jeff dropped all of his stuff and jumped in.  He yell for me and told me to join him.  I then dropped all of my stuff and followed him in.  We were in the water for a while maybe and hour or so just laughing and having a good time.  After we were done swimming, we dried off and continued with the hike trying to find our way back to the trail.  We came across the cave again,we wandered into it wanting to know what was in there, we saw the man again we never knew who the man was from before or what he did until that very moment.  I screamed as soon as we got into the cave because what I saw was beyond anything I could of imagined the stories were true.  Jeff just stood there not knowing what do or say he was speechless.  The man in the back of the cave looked at us and said this is why pregnant woman or children shouldn’t come to this island.

After a few seconds of us just standing there in shock not knowing what to do, Jeff grabbed my arm and we ran as fast as we could.  I could hear someone from behind us running after us trying to keep up, I looked back to see who it was, it was a man, the creepy one from before.  I turned back around to watch were I was going and I saw a tree.  The next thing I remember was waking up in the cave I must have ran into the tree and knocked myself out because everything after that was a blur.  I woke up on a metal table strapped down to it with a horrible headache.  I looked up and could see Jeff strapped to a chair at the end of the table, he looked to still be knocked out I looked around and saw blood and bodies everywhere.  I started yelling for Jeff, yelling for help and screaming hoping someone, anyone could hear me.  Someone did hear me but not who I had wanted.  I asked whoever this man was what he wanted, I told him if he need money, I could get it for him, he told me he wanted me but we had to wait till Jeff woke up to start.  I started to cry and realize that the stories were real and that this whole trip was a mistake.  I noticed Jeff starting to wake up and he started screaming and freaking out not knowing what was going on.  I told him that he should of listened to me and left when we had the chance and that everything I had read was true.  All the stories of cannibalism and people eating children and torturing pregnant woman was true because they believed that human consumption would bring you good luck and make you immortal.  The man came up to the table and looked at me and Jeff and said that to bad your not going to make through this because this would make a great story one day.  The man then held up the scalpel to my stomach but before he could cut me open Jeff yelled telling him to stop and asked him what was going to be done with him.  The man said that I can’t just let you go because of what you have seen so I figured you can just watch until she dies, then I will just kill you.  The man then looked back down at me and put the scalpel to my stomach and was going to cut my future child out of me and make my husband watch.  I looked at Jeff and told him that I loved him but before I could even finish my sentence he said that he was so sorry for this, for everything, for taking me here, not leaving when I wanted to and then he told me that loved me.  I started to cry and scream as the scalpel dug into my skin, it hurt even more watching Jeff being strapped down forced to watch me being treated like this.  I continued to cry and scream until I couldn’t any longer and everything else just faded away like nothing even mattered anymore.Scan 132710001


2 responses to “The Island

  • hulagurl2590

    I love the premise of this story, but the sentences are really wordy and a bit hard to follow. Also, if you added a little dialogue, the story would be much more interesting. Great idea though.

  • klovell1995

    Thanks, I agree with the dialogue, I had some but I thought there was too much of it so I took it out, which I probably shouldn’t of done. I thought the idea was kind of weird but I got the idea by googling islands and an article popped up about island aren’t as good as they seem and Fiji came up as number 1 talking about cannibalism and that it actually happened along time ago so I just took the idea and updated it.

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