The Summer Of 1922

“New York, 1922, the tempo of the city had changed sharply.  The buildings were higher, the parties were bigger, the morals were looser, and the ban on alcohol had backfired, making the liquor cheaper.  The restlessness approached hysteria.”  The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald.

The 1920’s or often referred to as the Roaring Twenties because during that era there was lots of excitement or the Jazz Age because that is when jazz music and dance became popular.  The first world war had just ended and the troops had been dismissed and those who had survived the influenza now had time to waste.  The 1920’s were known for things such as speak easies which were illegal bars that sold alcohol.  And when alcohol was illegal it was called prohibition.  Speak easies attracted people who involved themselves in illegal acts such as prostitution and gambling.  The 1920’s was also known for the booming stock market and the stock market crash known as Black Tuesday.  Overall the 1920’s was known for drastic changes.

Fashion in the twenties had changed drastically from the previous years.  The dresses were much shorter and showed much more skin then ever before.  Fashion designers such as Coco Chanel experimented with colors, textures and patterns to create a totally new style.  Evening dresses, coats and jackets were often trimmed with fur.  Flappers, were also very popular they were short dresses with a straight loose silhouette that came to the knee.  Shoes and stockings were now visible because of the shorter dresses so now woman owned silk stockings in all colors and in all different patterns.  The new style of dresses with the low cut necklines and shorter sleeves gave the opportunity to display jewelry unlike before.  Costume jewelry became very popular.  Flappers, were often draped with large strings of pearls.  In pervious years woman had kept their hair long but when the twenties came around woman started to shorten their hair to chin length and it became known as the bob and hairstyles such as finger waving became popular.  Makeup also become very popular, in pervious years woman did not wear makeup because it was associated with prostitution.  New products such as hair dye, lipstick, mascara and eyebrow pencils were used to create their dramatic makeup looks including dark eyes, red lips, rosy cheeks, dramatic brows and even red nail polish became popular.  Overall fashion from the 1920’s had drastically changed from the pervious years and has even inspired fashion today.

The music in the 1920’s was know as the Jazz Age, because that is when jazz music had become popular even though older generations had not liked it.  Some popular artist from the 1920’s included Louis Armstrong, King Oliver and Kid Ory.  Some popular song from the 1920’s included West End Blues, Rhapsody In Blues and Swanee.  Dance music became the most popular form of music and dance clubs became very popular.  People in the 1920’s loved to dance and some of the most popular dance crazes from were the Charleston, Breakaway and the Black Bottom.  The music and dance from the 1920’s has even influenced the music and dance today.  It seemed as if the partying and good times would never end.

Have you ever read a book or watched a movie and instantly fell in love with the era and would have loved to be around in that time.  Thats how I am when it comes to the 1920’s.  I have always admired the 1920’s even as a child from all of the fashion, to music and much more.  But what had convinced me that the 1920’s was the best era was when I read The Great Gatsby for an AP english class I had in high school and had seen the movie and have loved it ever sense.  I think it would have been the best era to live in because of many reasons but the biggest reason being that I would have experienced all of the changes that happened.  In the 1920’s women’s appearance had changed completely along with society’s view of them.  Society now accepted that women could be independent and make their own choices unlike before.  Women could now smoke and drink in public and even vote.  Also new technologies like radios, refrigerators and penicillin were created.  Overall I think the 1920’s would have been a great era to experience.Scan 132650001


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