National Grandparents Day

Dear Grandparents,

I know I haven’t talked to you since my dad had passed away about six years ago but I thought I would write a letter to you letting you know how I have been doing and what I have been up to.  I know you are never going to read this but why not.  A lot has happened in six years, I mean six years is a long time to go without talking to someone especially a relative, so there is a lot to tell you.  Where do I even start, I suppose i’ll start after we stopped talking which would have been almost my freshman year in high school, so I guess i’ll start at high school.

For high school I went to Harborside Academy, I really liked it there.  It was a little different than I would of expected high school to go but overall it was a good experience.  I guess i’ll talk about all the academics first to get that out of the way.  There were some classes that I really did good in and there were some classes that I did not do so good in.  I would say that any history class I had I really excelled in.  I find history really interesting and it has always been my favorite class whether it was American history or World history I especially loved learning about politics.  I love politics, I always follow every political debate and everything of that sort.  Nowonto a class I never did good in, math.  I never have been good at math, whatever it was geometry, algebra, trigonometry any of it.  I could never seem to understand it, I always struggled with it, its a miracle that I actually passed all of my math classes.  Now onto things other than classes.  I met a lot of great people at Harborside, some that I have been friends with since freshman year and some that I met my senior year but at Harborside it was really nice that since the school was really small I got to know everyone like family.  Every year at the beginning  of the school year our whole grade would go camping, it would always bring us closer together but I really didn’t like all the bugs that came along with the camping though.  It really was a great experience going to Harborside and it’s one I will never forget.

I guess the next thing I will tell you about is summer 2013, one of the greatest summers I have ever had.  The first thing that happened over the summer was I got my first car, it’s a silver Jeep Liberty Sport; now I still don’t have my license but i’m working on it.  Hopefully i’ll get it soon, I am scheduling my driving test for the beginning of October so cross your fingers because I need all the luck I can get because i’m not the best driver but as I said I am working on it.  The next big thing that had happened over the summer was I got my first tattoo on my eighteenth birthday.  It’s actually a tattoo that is dedicated to my dad.  It is on the top middle of my back and it says “The ones we love never truly leave us”.  And getting the tattoo was an experience alright.  I was absolutely terrified to get it done because it’s something that can’t be undone and if something went wrong I would be stuck with it for life but I went along with it and i’m extremely happy I did, it turned out amazing and it means a lot to me and I know it would mean a lot to him too.  Since my eighteenth birthday and my high school graduation were so close together I had one party for the both of them; that would be the next big thing of the summer.  The party was great, I had my entire family and friends over.  I had the party Sunday June 30 at my house.  The party lasted all night we ate, had cake and ice cream.  I also renteda helium tank and blew up so many balloons, there must have been hundreds of them.  We played volleyball in my backyard, roasted marshmallows and made s’mores all night long.  I also got many great gifts some included, $500 my parents gave me, I got my first Tiffany & Co necklace from my aunt and uncle and a trip to Mall Of America.  The Mall Of America trip would be the next big thing that happened over the summer.  I have always wanted to go there; probably because I love shopping, over five hundred stores, I couldn’t do that much damage, could I.  I had saved up a ton of money to go, I saved all of the money I got for my birthday and all of the money I got from graduation and I even saved up some money from my job at Calvin Klein.  I bought a lot from Mall Of America, I didn’t think I could do so much damage but boy was I wrong,  I would say my favorite purchase would have to be my first Michael Kors purse with a matching wallet.  Thenext thing that happened over the summer which was probably my favorite thing was going to a One Direction concert on July 13.  I was looking forward to this concert forever, the tickets to this concert had to be purchased a year in advanced because it was One Direction’s Take Me Home World Tour, so I bought the tickets around last May if i’m not mistaken.  I remember being so excited when I got tickets because I was so surprised I actually got tickets, tickets sold out for the tour in a matter of minutes.  When the day for the concert finally came I was so excited and I mean so excited.  One of my best friends as well as my little sister and I all went to the concert.  We left our house at around 3:00 so we could get there at around 5:00 because that is when parking started, doors opened at 6:00 and once we were in there it was so crowed, it was a sold out show of twenty eight thousand people.  Next we all had to buy a concert t-shirt and we got something to eat and drink, we then made our way to our seats to wait for the show to start at 7:30.  7:30 finally came, first the opening band played, I had never heard of them before but they were really good and are now one of my favorite bands, they were 5 Seconds Of Summer.  They had played until about 8:30, which then there was a intermission so the stage and everything could be switched.  One Direction finally came on at almost 9:00 I know i’m eighteen years old but I was just like a kid in a candy store when they came out onto the stage it wasgreat, I really don’t know how else to describe it.  They had sung twenty one songs plus they did a few outfit changes, answered some twitter questions, a few skits and just goofed around onstage.  One Direction played until about 11:00 and after that we all went home, I think we all got home at around 2:00 it sucked it was over so soon but it was definitely one of the best concerts I have ever been to and it’s one I will always remember.  The next thing that happened over the summer was I got Lasik.  I got it at the end of August, I was really scared to get it at first because it’s my eyes and imagine if something went wrong.  It was definitely a scary experience because during the procedure I could see everything that they were doing but the whole procedure went by really quick.  I don’t think I should have watched a video of how it was done on the internet before I got it done but I am extremely happy I got it done.  Overall this summer was amazing, and I got to cross off a ton of things that were on my bucket list.  I know most people think that i’m to young to have one but I should know more than anyone that you don’t know how long you have left or how long a loved one has left so you need to make the most out of everything and i’m so glad I did all of that and more over the summer and I could do it with the people I love most.

The next thing I would like to tell you about would be that I started college this fall.  I’m studying at Gateway Technical College.  Right now I am only taking three different classes and taking nine credits.  I wanted to start off slow so I could get the swing of things and learn how things are done in college because this is going to be very different than how high school was.  At Gateway i’m only taking my general education classes because the program I need is not offered there so after i’m done taking all of my classes here, i’m going to transfer to Milwaukee Area Technical College or MATC that way I can study mortuary science there and become a mortician.  And before you even ask I actually don’t know why I want to do it, it is just something that I have always wanted to do.  I recently have met with a funeral director/ mortician to go over college options and much more but he asked me why I wanted to do it and I told him that I really didn’t have a reason and that I didn’t know why.  He told me that, that meansi’m meant to do it; so who knows maybe I was meant to do it.  Since school just started I really don’t have anything else to say about it, but I do hope everything goes well and that I can become a mortician someday and hopefully own my own funeral home.

Like I said six years is a long time not to talk to someone especially someone who I was so close to.  I know I have written a lot I wish I could have wrote more but I just needed to tell you how everything has been going and what I have been up to.  Overall it has been a great passed six years.  I just can’t help wonder how would things be different if we kept in touch all these years.  I have also included a picture that I have found, it was from my elementary school graduation.  It was the most recent picture I could find of all of us.

Love, Kristina Scan 132580007-1


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